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There has been a comment today on Facebook “we’ve saved the pub” that I feel needs some clarification as it has not come from your steering group. Yvonne who is our responsible steering group member for real estate has been given verbal confirmation that we have an agreed purchase price for the pub, which indeed is good news. We are still however waiting for this to be confirmed in writing, once we have this we will be arranging a community meeting where we will launch our share offer.

The current level of pledges are great, but we still need more to get to a level where we can buy the Fox and have enough working capital to operate the pub successfully as a community pub.

We still have a long way to go and we will continue to keep you updated on important information via this e.mail. This will include information on our share offer, community meetings, proposals on how and who will manage the pub as well as key dates for the different deadlines we will have over the coming weeks.

Finally I would like to once again thank your steering group for the incredible dedication and hard work they have put into this project as without them we would not have managed to get to this stage.

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