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Paul Jennings - Chair

My Day Job: Managing Director of Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd

My reason for getting involved

I originally got involved as I wanted to keep the pub open for mid-week meals out with my wife. As I became more involved and spoke with the people of Loxley and the surrounding villages I became more enthusiastic about creating more than just a pub. Loxley is already a community minded village, but turning the Fox into a community pub makes it a focus for building on this community spirit.


Tel 07831 153260

Ben Daniels - Treasurer and Business plan

My Day Job: Finance Director, Simworx Ltd.

My reason for getting involved

I only moved to Loxley 2 years ago. We chose the village as we wanted to feel part of a small community where our children could go to the local school, we could attend the local church and because there was a pub we could walk to and make and meet new friends.  Having spent my early career in pub management and then behind the scenes as an accountant in the hospitality industry I know how vital a thriving pub can be as the heart of our community, if we can save it together.

Tel 07912 199995

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Laura Mitchell - Company Secretary

My Day Job: Waste Management

My reason for getting involved

I believe pubs are important, they were in the past, they are now and they will be in the future; they may change shape and form but as common ground for communities, that remains unchanged.

Tel 01789 470912

Yvonne Brockenhurst - Real estate 

My Day Job: retired Chartered Scientist, CBMS Microbiology 

My reason for getting involved

Having moved to the Parish 40 odd years ago, the village had such a huge community spirit and the pub had been integral to this .Having experienced its closure for various periods of time over the past 10 years when it seemed the heart had gone out of the village, I do not wish for this to be permanent and would like the vibrant community it once was Right now the choice is ours to make, do we want a pub  and a village hub or not.

Tel 01789 470581

Duncan Fewins - Communication

My Day Job: Head of Drama and Theatre at Alderbrook School Solihull and freelance Playwright (Warwick University). 

My reason for getting involved

I think that communal spaces are crucial for a healthy and functioning village. I’m hoping that a rebooted Fox, with the right ethos and services- that the people of Loxley and Wellesbourne value- will bring people and families together all year round and will be a focal point for a variety of village activity. 

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